Only the strong can Survive Food Lion Smyrna De

Since I was 16, I had been working for Food Lion Smyrna De. I was a part-time bagger and then a manager of the meat market. The company has been my home for more than 20 years. My time here was not without its ups and downs. If you are wondering if this is a good career choice, it is not. Let me explain. The information below may not be applicable to everyone.

Work-This job is repetitive. You do the exact same thing every day. For 8 hours, your work days at a low volume shop will drag on for you. High volumes will increase your stress limit by half and you’ll be able to continue running on energy drinks or alcohol at the end your day high volume stores.

Because I was constantly on my feet for 8+ hours a day, I developed restless legs syndrome. My body grew accustomed to the environment Food Lion Smyrna De of the market, where the temperature was often 35-40 degrees. I sweat very easily even in mild weather. To be comfortable, I have to keep my thermostat at 70 degrees.

Holidays-Plan to work holidays rather than spend time with your family. Over the course of my 20+ years, I was almost immune to New Years Eve parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and missed many Super Bowls. Its quite sad actually. It’s not a given that you as a manager of a department can take your time. Management doesn’t like it when you aren’t in the trenches. You are expected to be there.

Poor work Environment lack Professionalism

Food Lion Smyrna De offers exceptional opportunities in areas such as empowered decision-making, decent benefits (available for full-time associates), and allows you to gain experience in customer service that you can use throughout your career. Through the company’s intrasite and website, it is projected that the work culture will be positive and upbeat.

Due to changes in company culture and strategic shifts to our brand and operations, there are discrepancies in every day in-store operations. This can have a negative impact on your work morale, and it is very difficult to manage. Late Food Lion Smyrna De truck deliveries can cause delays in workflow, and lack of the appropriate products or service. This can lead to frequent complaints from associates and consumer dissatisfaction.

You will be surrounded by wonderful customers, associates, and people throughout your employment. There should be a few Food Lion Smyrna De characters who are not representative of our management team and salary. Recurrent obstacles include frequent unprofessionalism, lack of accountability, and frequent unprofessionalism. Many salary managers don’t show up at work for 40 to 45 hours per week. Poor leadership can eventually lead to poor work conditions.