How to Get Around Breckenridge If You Don’t Have a Rental Car

Traveling about Breckenridge is simple, whether you’re visiting for the day from Denver or staying for a few weeks. Don’t rent a car if you’re trying to keep your vacation cost-efficient or be more eco-friendly on the road.

Are you thinking of going to Breckenridge, Colorado? A private car service from Denver airport to Breckenridge can be helpful when you need privacy and comfort, but remember that Breckenridge is a small mountain town with a massive tourist economy. There are few places to park, and the traffic can get close. Get familiar with Breckenridge with the help of our comprehensive travel guide!

· Breckenridge’s Free Bus Service:

The free bus services are available all year long, taking passengers to and from the town’s most popular areas. The bus service is fast and easy to get around town and free for everyone to use. The free bus service provides convenient access to the trails without needing a car, as it stops close to several popular trailheads and has space for two bicycles on each bus. Most buses operate on a 30- or 15-minute timetable, depending on the route.

· Explore Breckenridge by Walk:

Breckenridge is a town that lends itself well to exploration on foot. The length of the whole city is only around 7 miles, and nearly all of the streets have sidewalks. It would be possible to walk the full length of the city and yet not reach your daily step goal.

The shops and restaurants along the main streets are easily accessible on foot. Easygoing and fun, this stroll is great for people of all ages and levels of physical ability. The only challenge is keeping your attention on the task rather than getting sidetracked by one of the many adorable stores and eateries.

· Rent a Bike:

During the summer months, residents of Breckenridge ditch their skis and snowboards in favor of bicycles. Renting a bicycle is convenient for tourists to explore the city and the surrounding mountains.

It’s a fantastic workout for people of all fitness levels and a nice place to park. Most roads have bike lanes, and drivers are used to seeing bikers. Protective gear like helmets, mirrors, flashing lights, and attentiveness can prevent a serious accident.

· Ride Share:

Apart from limo service, the Breckenridge, Colorado, ridesharing scene is thriving. However, they are not the most economical mode of transportation. You can get around town with ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft. If you don’t feel like waiting, had too many adverse responses, or stayed out too late and the bus and trolley have stopped operating, this is a wonderful option.

A ridesharing service will come in handy if the weather has unexpectedly turned bad, like a hailstorm, or it’s too chilly to walk or ride a bike.


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