Essential Accessories for Travel Photographers


A drone is a must-have for any travel photographer who wants to expand their photography capabilities and capture amazing shots from different perspectives. My drone has been with me for several years and it has allowed me to be more creative in my photography, allowing me to choose the angles and get the shots that I want.

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You will also need to purchase awesome accessories for your drone. These essential accessories will help you maximize your drone’s potential and make it even more fun!

Backpack for your Drone

A well-made backpack will make it so much easier to transport your drone and other accessories. These backpacks are extremely well-rated and have plenty of storage for your accessories.

The DJI Mavic Backpack has a large upper compartment that can hold personal items. It also holds 1-3 GoPros/action cams.

The DJI Phantom Backpack has a propeller pocket, a styrofoam bag that is specific to the Phantom models, and ample interior space.

Drone Carrying Case

Even if you don’t want to spend on a backpack, a case will help organize your items and prevent them from being damaged. These two cases have enough padding to keep your items secure and in place.

Spare Drone Propellers

A majority of drones come with spare propellers. However, it is worth buying extra propellers for those who want to fly their drone in any environment with trees, walls, or newbies.

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This tip is to make sure you buy the exact same propeller as your drone and skip the third-party options. This will keep your drone balanced and quieter, according to my experience.

Drone Propeller Guard

A quality propeller guard is worth the investment if you are having trouble landing your drone or it has struck too many trees.

Propeller guards are a protective layer for your propellers and objects. A propeller guard can make your drone heavier and drain your battery faster.

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Spare Drone Batteries

One fully charged drone battery can last about half an hour even on a hot day. You should have a few extra batteries in case you take your drone out for the day.

Car charger

A car charger is essential if you are someone who finds that your battery life is short and you need more power.

Protector for Drone Joystick

You can always remove the joysticks from your controller before you put it in your bag. But who has the time? A joystick guard will protect your joysticks from damage, keep them safe (something they are prone to), and save you both time and hassle. Joystick protectors such as this one for the Mavic Pro will also protect the screen.

Memory Cards

Although your drone will come with a memory stick, it will most likely be very small. If you like to shoot video, I suggest getting several 32GB or 64GB microSD cards.

However, it is worth checking to see what cards your GoPro/drone can take. The DJI Phantom 2 can only accept 32GB SD cards.

Filters for Neutral Density Drones

A set of neutral density filters will help you take your drone photography to the next step. A NDF will allow you to slow down shutter speeds, as the drone likely has a wide-open aperture.

These are also great for reducing glare while shooting above water. These are usually at least one I have on my drone at any given time. I recommend purchasing a set that contains at least the ND8, ND16 and ND32 filters.

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Drone Landing Pad

Although a landing pad may seem expensive, I have found that it not only helps to prevent dirt from being kicked up onto the drone when it lands, but also reduces shock to the body. The below landing pad is made of waterproof material and comes with a carrying case.