Why Choose Artificial Flowers


Artificial flowers may be installed at your home for various reasons; the primary factors to keep in mind include their realism, user-friendliness, durability and price. Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co., Ltd is located within one of China’s premier artificial wedding flowers production centers: Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co. Ltd is home to an abundance of artificial flowers for from this website production needs and more than two decades of expertise make us one of the Click here top local producers and wholesalers.


When it comes to artificial flowers, realistic appearance is always more desirable. New designs for “fabulous fake” blooms have become more sought-after than ever, featuring silky petals and vivid hues that mimic real life, fooling more and more people each year.

Compare these fake and real ranunculus flowers side-by-side and you will see how similar they are – right down to their ruffly layers and warm hues!

Ease of Use

Maintenance and the ease of use should also be key factors to consider. Artificial flowers are easy to display; all they need is some extra fluffing every once in awhile. Simply display a vase of stunning spring blooms wherever you like in your home for as long as desired without worrying about direct sunlight or additional water requirements.


One advantage of artificial flowers is their durability – they don’t require as much upkeep and care as real blooms do, lasting year after year with just minor care from you. No blooms wilting or petals falling off; artificial ones will remain beautiful for years!

These hydrangeas are among my favorites – both are real but one is fake – both look fresh when first purchased!


Cost should also be a major consideration. When it comes to floral arrangements, both fake and real may cost differently; on average an extensive arrangement with my favorite flowers such as ranunculus, peonies, hellebore or tulips usually ranges between $150-$200 depending on dimensions; investing this money into fake floral arrangements provides an investment with long-term returns.

Peonies, both real and artificial, are stunning flowers to have in any home. Both kinds have beautiful shades that enhance any decor. Fresh peonies typically cost about $8.00 per stem – meaning a bouquet with 25-30 stems could run $200-240; to keep costs within this range you could opt for artificial blooms which remain bloom year after year.

What are the Benefits of Using Artificial Spring Wreaths and Garlands?

Artificial Flowers Are Always in Season. While flowers typically only bloom during certain times of year, artificial blooms allow you to keep enjoying your favourite blooms all year round.

Artificial wreaths, garlands and spring flowers will never lose their shape or dry out with proper maintenance – and will stay looking their best year after year! Certain artificial blooms such as Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Spring Wreaths and Garlands even come equipped with UV protection so their colors remain vibrant for longer.

Allergen-free and pet-safe. Our outdoor wreaths and greenery for spring-time outdoor decorations are created from non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials to provide an allergy-friendly solution that won’t harm pets or people with allergies.

Artificial flowers arrangements require minimal care: their stunning beauty remains visible day-long without needing water or sun to remain beautiful.

Cost-Effective. Making the investment in high-quality artificial spring wreaths and garlands of flowers will prove more cost-effective over time, saving both money and effort when purchasing fresh flowers on an ongoing basis.

Artificial spring flower arrangements and garlands can be combined in infinite ways to form beautiful designs. Simply display them alongside real blooms for an engaging display!

How Do You Choose Artificial Spring Wreaths and Garlands?

Color Palette. Select spring-themed door garland and wreath that complement the overall design of the room, whether that is neutral-toned flowers or vibrant hues depending on your design style and color scheme.

Location. Floral accents add beauty and vibrancy to any space they grace, from front doors and mantels, to patios and porches, porches or other al-fresco locations. Flower garlands and wreaths add festive color and can also help provide warmth for windows or over console tables – add floral garlands on stairs archways banisters or tables with long legs for an enchanting effect!

Size. Knowing where you plan to place your artificial plant will allow you to determine the perfect garland or wreath size. Balsam Spring wreaths from Hill range between 18 and 60 inches in diameter while five to 10 foot spring flower garlands can be tied together if necessary.

What are the Best Spring Floral Swags?

Here are some of Blush Rose best-selling spring swags:

French Market Floral Swag It features various faux flowers such as purple catstails, white lilacs and thistles with mixed greenery for an eye-catching display at any market or expo. Available as door hanging garland wreath basket and arrangements of flowers.

Inspired by French countryside design, the Provencal Lavender Swag brings vibrant spring blossoms straight from your door! Complete with long lavender stalks in various shades of pink and purple for added dimension. Also comes with matching garlands and wreaths.

Villa Cucina Hanging Door Basket – This vibrant hanging door basket from Villa Cucina features oranges, lemons, kumquats olives blossoms and olive leaves to form a vibrant arrangement that makes a wonderful wreath or floral arrangement.

What is the Purpose of a Hanging Basket?

Hanging baskets are attractive containers or planters suspended from ropes or chains that serve to brighten outdoor areas such as a patio or porch. Spring hanging baskets often include flowers that reflect their seasonal blooming time while fall versions might include floral arrangements with autumn hues.

Where is the Best Place to Put Hanging Baskets?

Hanging baskets can make an elegant addition to any home and are easily suspended from fences or ceilings. When selecting pieces suitable for outdoor display, make sure they remain beautiful for as long as possible by choosing safe pieces like those found below. Here are a few places where hanging baskets could look lovely:

  • Porches and patios
  • Garden fences
  • Sheds or barns
  • From a shepherd’s hook

What are the Best Spring Hanging Baskets?

Blush Rose hanging baskets feature vibrant artificial flowers to bring a burst of colors into your home all year long. Each arrangement is hand-crafted using different techniques, so that every bouquet you receive will be truly one-of-a-kind and tailored specifically to you.

Many of our hanging plants feature UV-protective coatings, making them resistant to weather and sun damage. We suggest outdoor displays for three months in order to extend their appearance for as long as possible. Here are a few of our top selling products:

Outside Vibrant Spring Bloom: Hanging Basket This beautiful hanging basket boasts daisies, purple hydrangeas, pomegranates, lavender rose hips, pink gerberas mixed berries, pomegranates and leaves – creating an eye-catching arrangement.

Outdoor Garden Provence Rose Foliage This romantic hanging basket brings romance and warmth into any room with its romantic cottage roses dock stems, eucalyptus leaves and ivy leaves – sure to put a romantic flourish to any decor!

Outdoor Seaside Cottage Foliage – This basket boasts a vibrant blue and white color scheme, ideal for creating an idyllic beach atmosphere. Filled with fake daisies, forget-menots, lisianthus lily bulbs and baby’s breath in addition to baby ivy leaves – it makes for the ideal beachy escape!