Telluride, Colorado Travel Guide + Packing Tips


This Colorado travel guide to Telluride covers where to go, when to go, top things to see, what to bring, where to eat and where to sleep.

The charming town of Telluride in Colorado, surrounded by breathtaking 13,000-14,000 foot mountain peaks is a great place to go for nature lovers. Telluride was originally a mining community that was established in the early days of the Colorado Gold Rush. It is only eight blocks wide by twelve blocks long. This means its amazing history and adventure are easily accessible.

Telluride is a charming mountain town that you can visit for its scenery and special events.

Telluride’s Best Time to Visit

The summer and winter are the most popular tourist seasons and the most expensive time of the year to visit Telluride. Summer will bring you lush nature and famous festivals. Winter is great for skiing or snowboarding.

If you are looking for lower prices and fewer best travel hair dryer people, however, I recommend that you visit in the fall.

How to get to Telluride

Montrose Airport (MTJ), the main airport serving Telluride, is the closest. It is a stop at approximately 12 airports across the country. Telluride Regional Airport is the only airport that serves it. It is also serviced by charter airlines.

There are several transportation options to get you from Montrose and Telluride.

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Getting Around Telluride

Renting a car at the airport is a great way to explore the area. However, Telluride has many transportation options that make it unnecessary. You can explore the town on foot, but if you want to speed things up, renting a bicycle is a good option.

Telluride’s Climate

The average amount of rain falls in summer best travel hair dryer but the temperature is still very low and rarely exceeds 80 degrees F. Telluride gets a lot of snow in winter, but it is still frozen.

Top Things to Do In Telluride


Telluride was a place I loved and I wanted to see the beautiful scenery from the trails. You can hike for a day to Bear Creek Falls (2 miles each), Bridal Veil Falls (1 mile each), Blue Lake (5.25 mi each), Ajax Peak (2 miles each), Jud Wiebe (3 miles)).

Skiing & Snowboarding

Telluride’s mountainous location makes it a popular spot for those who want to experience some amazing slopes. You can reach the chalets by taking the gondola. This will take you up to Mountain Village at 9,500 feet.

Via Ferrata

Hire a guide if you feel adventurous and want to explore Telluride’s Via Ferrata Route. To ensure your safety, your guide will provide all necessary equipment and knowledge.

River Rafting

The exact time depends on snowmelt. River rafting season in Telluride usually begins in May and continues through June. It offers beginner and intermediate rapids. There are many rafting companies that you can choose from, and some offer multi-day adventures.

River Tubing

Tubing season starts when river rafting seasons end. It is my favorite summertime activity. BootDoctors is a place where you can rent a tub for $15 before you go out on the water. Ask about the water conditions while you’re there.

Stand up paddleboarding

BootDoctors also offers SUP tours in Telluride. These can be taken on Alta Lakes or Down Valley Parks. If you are an experienced Stand Up Paddleboarder, then head down to the San Miguel River, where conditions can be a bit more challenging.

Mountain Biking

Telluride’s mountain scenery is not for the faint of heart. However, it’s possible to enjoy the trails without needing to be a pro at mountain biking. You can rent a bike to go on your own or join Telluride Outside for a guided tour.

Take the Gondola up the hill if you are going evenflo sibby travel system out on your own. This way, you won’t have to exert yourself going up the hill. You can simply enjoy the descent.

  • Telluride: Where to Eat
  • The Butcher & The Baker

The Butcher & The Baker offers a variety of organic menu items, including blueberry pancakes, soups and salads, as well as sandwiches and bagels.

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Pescado is a high-quality sushi restaurant that offers both traditional Japanese cuisine and more adventurous menu options. You can also try the wasabi-flavored Ice Cream if you feel adventurous.

Brown Dog Pizza

Brown Dog Pizza is Telluride’s best choice for pizza. Their square Detroit-style pizza was awarded first prize at the 2013 International Pizza Expo as well as the 2015 Pizza World Championships.


Siam Thai restaurant is a family-run Thai joint offering traditional Thai dishes as well as modern Thai fusion. Siam has a relaxed atmosphere and serves great food.

  • Telluride: Where to Stay
  • Hotel Telluride

Hotel Telluride, a luxurious luxury hotel with unreal views of Mount Tessa, a sauna and easy access to the Gondola, is the ideal place to return to after a day of exploration.

The Peaks Resort & Spa

The Peaks Resort & Spa is the perfect place evenflo sibby travel system for those who want to be able ski in and out from their accommodations. The property is mid-range and offers a helicopter to heli-ski, an indoor and outside connecting pool, restaurants and lounges, as well as an oxygen room.

Telluride Packing Essentials

Winter gear: Bring a pair snow pants, ski goggles and a beanie if you are visiting Telluride to experience the ski-culture.

You will need to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a swimsuit and a wide-brimmed cap for the summer in Telluride. Also, bring a jacket or light sweater as it can get cold at night.

Hiking Equipment: A moisture-wicking top, hiking sticks, hiking shoes and socks are essential if you plan to spend time on the trails.

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