The 10 Best Jobs for Travel Lovers


Are you looking for the best jobs in travel? We’re professional travelers and have compiled this guide to help you find the top 10 travel jobs!

Scott and I set out to inspire others to travel. We don’t want to be permanent nomads so we strive to balance work and travel.

Before I started traveling, I worked as a bookkeeper. Scott is a software/techie specialist. Both of these jobs allow for flexible travel schedules. There are many ways to make money while you travel the world. Here are ten top jobs that will allow you to travel around the world.

Independent Contractor

Writing, editing, life coach, personal trainer, and other self-employed jobs that work on commission are great options for people who want to manage their own time. If you are self-motivated and willing to work hard, being your boss will allow you to set your priorities and make your own schedule.

We took a few courses before we launched our travel size bottles blog. These courses are highly recommended to anyone who is thinking of starting a blog or business.

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Technology has made it possible for bookkeepers and auditors to work remotely. This is an excellent career choice for those who want to telecommute. In a traditional office setting, businesses tend to be busy during tax season. Therefore, it is common to take a lighter workload during this time.

Web Designer

A web designer is a great job for technomads who want to share their work. You can keep your creative day job while working in an office in a different place each day.

A website and hosting are essential before you start an online business. Bluehost is our favorite choice. They are affordable (get a discount and pay only $3.95 per monthly if you sign up through our link), and they can be set up for WordPress.

Domestic Service Provider

You can work as a nanny, dog walker, housekeeper, or au pair and have many opportunities to travel and work simultaneously. Part-time, flexible, or even full-time nanny work can be a great way for you to get employed overseas, particularly in Western Europe.

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Restaurant industry employees

It’s a great way to fund travel size bottles by working as a server or bartender. Flexible hours allow you to travel freely, and the ability to speak English is a plus if you are applying for server jobs at restaurants that seek to attract more English-speaking tourists.

Public Service

Although it might seem like a stressful job, working three 12-hour days can be a good option for people who are interested in a career as sworn nurses, doctor, fireman or policeman. These jobs often offer four days of vacation after the short, condensed on-call shift. This is ideal for short trips.

Seasonal employees

Rolf Potts, a traveler’s guide called “Vagabonding”, pointed out that you don’t have to be wealthy to travel full time. You can save enough money by working seasonally as a field worker or retail assistant for two to three months or even as a hotel host to fund months of travel.

Pilot or Flight Attendant

For those who love to travel, it is a natural choice to choose a job that involves traveling. Pilots, flight attendants, and other transportation specialists are required to fly daily to new cities. This makes it easier to travel to exotic destinations between shifts.

Expert in Travel

You might be passionate about a particular city or attraction and want to share your knowledge with other tourists. You may be an expert in bike travel bag photography, rock climbing or other special skills. This can help you visit Yellowstone National Park, Havasu Falls, and the Great Barrier Reef where these skills are highly sought after.

TEFL Teacher

Bridge TEFL and i-to-i offer certificates in Teaching English as a foreign language, a highly sought-after job, especially in Asia. An English teacher can be employed full-time with a steady salary. Your institution can also negotiate for your airfare and living expenses to be paid by you — basically, getting paid to live abroad.

These are just some of the many ways you can bike travel bag while still making money. Wandering Earl has a few more guides that will help you get started on your dream of traveling the world and earning a living. —>> Living a Life of Travel.


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